Database Services

A custom database is a tool built specifically to manage and optimise your existing administration and reporting procedures.

We build custom databases

A custom database provides one point of access for your all of your data, be that customers, accounts, suppliers, documents, manufacturing, order fulfilment and more.

R J Morris Services design databases that fit your existing business processes. Unlike a generic off-the-shelf solution, a custom database is much faster to implement in your business.

A custom database will also be much more flexible as your business grows and changes, with room for integrations and additional functionality as you require it.

Data Conversion

R J Morris Services regularly assists clients with data conversion services. We have worked with many different engineering, legal and accounting software systems to extract data from all manner of RDBMS systems (relational database management systems) including SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres, etc.

We have also performed data conversion from programs such as Access and Excel, including hundreds of spreadsheets for one publisher client’s marketing management.


Accountancy Services

A specialist accountancy firm required a database to assist them with their client management process and data.

The custom database combines all their client data, to help the accountancy firm manage tax and self-assessment tax returns.

Supporting Legacy Systems

Many business-critical enterprise systems are built on outdated or unsupported systems. The cost of developing something entirely new can be prohibitive.

We can, and regularly do, help customers in this situation, such as those who have systems built on FoxPro software or a custom built solution.

We can help to upgrade existing systems to make use of the latest functionality offered by Windows and Office applications. Or we can build new functionality, or integrate other systems.

We recognise that there are a large number of small businesses who use systems that have become outdated and are in desperate need of modification. We are here to help.


Aircraft Servicing

A custom solution was developed to help an aircraft product servicing company to manage their manufacturing and service activity.

The database has improved productivity through stock efficiency and automated document production.


A typical custom database project will start with information gathering. Next work will commence on architecture, requirements and business fit.

Once your database is constructed, we will support you with data upload and implementation. Then you can move forward with a tool that fits.


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At R J Morris Services we have more than 25 years experience in the design, development and maintenance of business management systems.

We have developed custom databases for a wide range of clients, from managing complaints for an NHS Trust to servicing & manufacturing for a multinational firm of aviation engineers.

Contact us today for help with your database requirements.

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